Beauty – (for dverse)


is an


in raindrops of time

Eyes that bewitch, dreamcatcher eyes with multicoloured stories inside


A flower of a smile reaching deep

A memory of  fish and chips trees wrapped in newspaper leaves 

The curves in the sand dunes

the waves when you bathe

And your coffee on my lips, when you walk away again

For beauty is the sky, the goodbye, the flame in a story we let melt.



the bedouin’s art of gentleness in handling dangerous things

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by the river we talk expectations,
dreams “i wish you’d read my poetry” i say “to
get// to know me”

and know it is not easy/language/
images & few things seem
upon the surface.

yet he nods&we agree
that i will read one poem to him//a week
explain/ing metaphors and put the vowels in his mouth
still warm&glistening like a fish-swarm
so he feels//me

& we’re scared a bit
of breaking rules like thin glass
of touch/ing for the first time after weeks
&scared to cut
the thin threads spun by first shy conversations

i paint my toe nails raspberry
smooth edges with a soft stone, balm
with mint&myrrhe cause it all starts

“i want be loved” i say,
“the way a bedouin
would put a scorpion care/ful in the sand”

he understands
longing in his gaze
“it’s good to wait until i’m back?”

outside of the…

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Līgo Haibun Challenge – Picture Prompt

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Another week has just begun and it is also time for a new
Līgo Haibun Challenge!

This week it’s Picture Prompt again and there are two images to inspire you.  As usual – choose one of them to write your haibun.



Let your imagination flow and don’t forget to add your haibun to the Inlinkz collection, please! Good luck!

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Girl Unborn – The Monologue

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 There are issues close to my heart and then some, closer and one out of them is – Female Foeticide. I know words are not enough, neither the measures yet. There were dialogues and deliberations….but then I present this monologue in form of a poem, where the unborn girl child pleas to her mother, who she hopes will be her saviour:

Girl Unborn – The Monologue  


You are precious,
So very precious to me.

I see the morning light through your precious eyes
With the nimble birds chorus sublime.
I smell the distant muddy rain,
Which drizzled all through the night.
I hear those quite lullabys you cry
Which makes my feeble heart to sigh.

Those unsweetened condiments you nibble
Is too unsavoury for me to fiddle.
And then the loving touch…
When your fingers unconsciously brush by.
I lived all the senses through you
till the creator…

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Magpie Tales: Story from a Bottle


lips like that won’t shatter glass
lips like that will get stuck to your ass
slipping and sliding down a mine
tumbling and wondering if you’ll stop this time
serve me pennies serve me pills
serve me a manner of different ills
hide me safely in the dark
cushion me with your glossy smile
a luxuriant version of a holy kiss

but what
I’ve really come to say
is as from today
your childhood’s closed
all your memories
will be locked up
tiny capsules
melting on my tongue
a devil’s brew never to return
so you wasted the most precious in you
the freshest, flashest, the best of you
and your lips will never shatter the glass
and all the bottles are still there
and the pills with no name
hidden in your underwear

of all things to lose
and remember of none
youth seems the one
that hurts the most
for devil you came
in such a good disguise
with your enchanting
erotic timeless
s m i l e


magpie tales statue stamp 185