At Rat’s Creek

the sailing boats have sunk
down at rat’s creek where a summer
was not complete without
at least one great big furry rat bite

where knees were meant to be skinned
and where Josie taught me
how to have sinned
down where the water rose each spring

where summer we dared each other
to swim the length of the pond bared
to the midday sun
nothing on except water

and where in those Autumn days
the sun sent its last golden rays
and one by one the boats clogged with leaves
till there was only my one boat left sinking 

so I grew up too
loved and lost and left town
and rat’s creek is now frozen 
every time I’m there in the snow

all the sailing boats have sunk forever
Josephine’s doesn’t even recognise me anymore
glass in her hand when she answers the door
the boats are all sunk – and  there’ll never be anymore summers

written for the wonderful page – (topic Childhood Toys & Games), a truly beautiful bi-weekly challenge. My apologies for not getting the reading done I want. But I will.

12 thoughts on “At Rat’s Creek

  1. What a wonderful, though sad story Pirate. Take me to the River by Nicolas Cage popped in my head, similarly as BR it seems.
    to the midday sun
    nothing on except water
    my favourite lines – nicely done.

  2. oh what a story…and def bittersweet…those we grew up playing with not even recognizing us…despite what we shared….the sin we first learned together….nice use of the sunken boats in this as well…

  3. I enjoyed the reminiscence here. The repetition of “the sailing boats have sunk” definitely strengthens the message of this poem; but in between those lines there are some beautiful memories written!

  4. oh heck… the boats sunk…such heavy sadness in this…so tough when she doesn’t even know you any more… the glass in hand…ugh…it’s hard when we see close friends like this..

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