Haiku Light

a woman is a lantern
not broom to clean my mind
shine for me, I cannot see


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7 thoughts on “Haiku Light

  1. A woman can be many things – we guide each other :)

    When we write our word shine differently for each reader – even for ourselves at different times.

  2. Oh Managua, this is superb! Enchanted, dear friend! :-)

  3. I love this one!

  4. The dark pools of your mind are definitely yours to deal with. :-) I’m in agreement, people should be friends, inspirations, but shouldn’t try to fix you. Great haiku.

    • Just saw your note before – thanks, will reply. And thank you for this wonderful comment. I am struggling with the haibun – yours really was so good there is just no way of trying to write a nice piece, so just going with informative one…

      • I would hate to think that my words interfered with yours. Although you have taught creative writing yourself, I am going to be presumptuous and remind you of what you already know. You should just write. Just write, my friend.

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