FF 100W FF: A Hand Down Under

“And now ladies and gentlemen, our next item, ‘A vessel,‘ painted by  I. M. Juoekin. Who’ll start at five hundred pounds, anyone?”


“That’s a feckin’ shoppin’ cart mate!” the Australian next to me said, his accint almost getting the better of him.

“Are you making a bid, sir?” came the frosty voice back from the podium.

Too feckin right I am, ten pounds, ye pommie baasterd!” the Australian said, loudly.

“If you’d looked carefully, sir,” said Frosty, “you’dve seen a hand with paintbrush sticking up from the sand painting the cart.”

“Hand, whose hand?” sneered Aussie.

“The painter’s, sir.”


“Nobody knows. He was never seen again.”


For Friday Fictioneers

indomitably run by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – photo B W  Beacham


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20 thoughts on “FF 100W FF: A Hand Down Under

  1. Very funny and love the voices in this. I’d love to sit through the rest of the auction.

  2. Good story Managua! Good dialogue too! Thanks, Nan :)

  3. Ten quid. It’s a bleeding travesty. Fifteen at least. Fun story.

  4. Very colorful story, Managua! I enjoyed it.

  5. This is a fun story. Easy to imagine the sand drawing. Kudos.

  6. OO I wonder how much the painting went for… It definitely made me take another look at the picture again to find the artist’s hand! This was very clever and amusing!

  7. Dear Managua,

    Looking for my reading glasses now. I bid twenty pounds.

    Good job mixing things up this week.



  8. I think there are a few artists around who should be called I.M Juoekin ;)
    Fun story – I can see and hear the auction perfectly

  9. Great dialogue, funny characters and an artist who painted his own demise….what more could we ask for in 100 words???

  10. Dear Managua,

    Quite a lively auction. Now you have me looking for the artist’s hand in the photo. ;) Love the dialogue.



  11. Hamish, Funny story. XD I think I would have waited to see what other people at the art auction bid before bidding myself. A picture like that would at least be a great conversation piece. Great dialogue. :) Too bad the artist may not be around to enjoy any success he may have. :)


  12. Art inside art is one of my favorite things to observe and contemplate. Our poor Aussie doesn’t get painted very nicely here, but I suppose not all the folks from Down Under are as wonderful as my friends that hail from those regions. I giggled at the way the auctioneer explains the painting to the Bushman.

    Marie Gail

  13. Haha…I’ll bet that got them bidding!

  14. I thought it was the hand of the last person who made fun of the painter. (Did you mean “accent” to be “accint?”) Art is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?


  15. I can think of no better way to go that disappearing inside your own painting… now there’s an idea… Well done.

  16. Should I laugh or be shocked. A fun write for sure.

  17. The artist and Andy Warhol should have gotten together. Warhol would’ve painted the soup cans and the artist could put them in the cart. Very good story, dialogue just great, too … really “flavorful” with idioms. Good stuff.

  18. A hilarious criticism of art.. a little twist of the emperor’s new clothes really.. But some of the Dada art pieces sell quite expensively today..

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