Magpie Tales: Story from a Bottle


lips like that won’t shatter glass
lips like that will get stuck to your ass
slipping and sliding down a mine
tumbling and wondering if you’ll stop this time
serve me pennies serve me pills
serve me a manner of different ills
hide me safely in the dark
cushion me with your glossy smile
a luxuriant version of a holy kiss

but what
I’ve really come to say
is as from today
your childhood’s closed
all your memories
will be locked up
tiny capsules
melting on my tongue
a devil’s brew never to return
so you wasted the most precious in you
the freshest, flashest, the best of you
and your lips will never shatter the glass
and all the bottles are still there
and the pills with no name
hidden in your underwear

of all things to lose
and remember of none
youth seems the one
that hurts the most
for devil you came
in such a good disguise
with your enchanting
erotic timeless
s m i l e


magpie tales statue stamp 185

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12 thoughts on “Magpie Tales: Story from a Bottle

  1. Tess Kincaid

    Wow…lyrical…I can hear this one set to music too…

  2. finally. a poet with substance.

  3. This is a power packed piece!

  4. Powerful!

  5. “Smooth,” indeed…

  6. i really love this…the whole thing. the loss of childhood, the meaning of eating a pill. you’ve captured it all!

    stacy lynn mar

  7. Kutamun

    The tricks we limpet lips use to isolate ourselves from ourselves , until Ripley comes along to slay the monster …..

  8. Terrific flow, like pills pouring out of that bottle, and the speech that might follow.. great write!

  9. The loss of youth and innocence can be relatively pain free – a gradual experience – or it can be harsh, shocking and brutal. You really went for the latter there. Vivid and strong writing!

  10. Helen

    Wow! This is one amazing poem ….

  11. CC Champagne

    All I can say about this, and that’s not a bad thing where I’m concerned (it’s easy to spout all kinds of cliches and peppy emptiness), is that it opened up a whole lot of pill bottles from my past… Things you can’t have undone and should probably not do while under the influence of anything that comes in a bottle. Very thought provoking write!

  12. oh my- well said.

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