Beauty – (for dverse)


is an


in raindrops of time

Eyes that bewitch, dreamcatcher eyes with multicoloured stories inside


A flower of a smile reaching deep

A memory of  fish and chips trees wrapped in newspaper leaves 

The curves in the sand dunes

the waves when you bathe

And your coffee on my lips, when you walk away again

For beauty is the sky, the goodbye, the flame in a story we let melt.


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13 thoughts on “Beauty – (for dverse)

  1. My other persona loves the sensuality of your words ~ Sad on the ending, oh well ~

  2. stunning. Though I’ve had plenty of raindrops that mimicked tears on flights away from the memory

  3. I’m speechless !! it’s just wonderful !! the last line..will never forget it… !

  4. Oh, some really nice visuals in this piece. Beauty is definitely many things, but you chose nicely here with the added bonus of well selected images.

  5. “for beauty is the sky, the goodbye, the flame in a story we let melt”….beautiful!

  6. love this dancing feet of fleeting beauty..could feel her teardrop too…

  7. A lot of beauty and vision.

    This poem brings a smile to my face and the world itself. :)

  8. …the flower of a smile….or, the smile of a flower…all very nice metaphors ;)

  9. hypercryptical

    Yummy thoughts and words – excellent.
    Anna :o]

  10. Great images, Gunn! The lines about the fish and chips and about coffee are my favorite.

  11. I really like all of your examples. Your words and pictures really complement each other. One I really like is ‘the curves in a sand dune.’ They really are beautiful….especially when there are no footprints interfering with the pattern.

  12. oh i like that… so much beauty around us if we have open eyes to see…. loved esp. the coffee taste on the lips…hmmmm

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