only, maybe, every

second second

I think of how


u   s   e   d   t   o   p   l   a   y   t   h   e   p   i   a   n   o
























as the sun


r                                   e

she                             looked


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39 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Thank you for leaving this post open to comments! :)

    Normally I’m not a fan of concrete poetry, but this time …. the form really adds to the meaning. How we see and hear your lost love playing notes one by one by one … plus, we’re forced to s*l*o*w***d*o*w*n and immerse ourselves in the imagery. Lovely! I really like this.

  2. Great play with words ! absolutely amazing !!!

    • Thank you so much! I was too shy to answer straight away. I wrote a recent political piece here, which is a bit boring, but it goes some way to explaining my sincere devotion to Arundhati Roy and by extension some of my admiration previously expressed.

      • Wow , Arundhati Roy ! she is one of my favourite authors…her debut novel, “God of Small Things ” just blew me off ! Nice to know that you’re an ardent fan of Roy.

        Sometimes I think that the best outcome of blogging is to know wonderful people like you around :-)

        I do agree with your points..especially the subtle ones which you’ve very effectively put forth…my heart goes with those innocent people…. :-(

  3. Very much piano like specially the fonts…this poem is a beauty both visually and aurally…this time i could comment o god :)

  4. Very evocative!

  5. I agree, that would be an image seared into your brain…how could you have possibly forgotten it? Really enjoyed this!

  6. I love the format you used., very effective in breaking up and emphasizing thoughts. Lovely work!

  7. Artistically creative and smart.

    I like this piece from you a lot…your images are so detail and beautiful. :)

  8. backlit grace
    shadows play on her form
    beauty enhanced

    • Mmmmm – beautiful haiku – truly. Thank you very much.

      • I couldn’t help myself. It was all the pictures fault
        Sometimes I just gotta write it.
        I love your poem and the photo you chose to pair it with were excellent


  9. I love your creativity, sensuality, sensitivity. Guess I loved it all. You are very talented.

    • Just some of the most beautiful words I have ever read – thank you very much. When someone takes the time to write a comment like that it means a lot. Thank you.

  10. Glenn Buttkus

    Horseback riding, gardening, car washing, cooking–all done nude; and immensely appreciated by me. Your bravery with letting words tear themselves to pieces & run amok all over the page really shook me; something new, fresh, naked.

  11. The other one, the other one! This is clever but I love the wee one and no place to say so! [or, there may have been and I didn’t see it — quite likely]

  12. yes, I caught those feelings coming across in past tense as well… I read this 3x before commenting… the loss in this write is covered in beauty of the female body, “As the sun rose, she looked beautiful.” hits hard…lovely write

    • Really a great comment – thank you very much for those words, and you really caught it, appreciated very much.

  13. Love the form, well done!

  14. oh wow!! you do make a woman sound beautiful.. and cool form too!! :)

    • Lovely comment, thanks – and yes, a woman deserves to be appreciated but you know that of course – thanks again!

  15. Your poem was really sensually evocative; and I really liked the word play, which heightened the feelings expressed in your poem. Great to be able to comment on your poem this time. I tried on a few earlier poems and never found it possible.

    • I’m so sorry about my wandering nature! Sometimes I post on other sites to be far from the crowd! Just joking, I don’t know which is best yet! Your comment was wonderful, thanks so much.

  16. It’s amazing — the more beautiful the deeper felt is loss. and for sure the constructive poetry really adds to the disintegration of the mind.

    • I remember you made that very good point before, when I let the words run about a bit before – and remembered that when putting this one together. Thanks!

  17. I love the format & play of words ~ Beautiful post, smiles ~

  18. Very effective poem! I particularly like the first three lines.

  19. smiles… a beautiful sensual image… i sometimes play the piano in the dark..never nude though so far – ha

    • Thanks …its not for me to encourage that further step in virtuoso piano-playing, but I’m sure it would be appreciated!

  20. dang….really cool play with spacing…
    and that would be an image bored into my brain…
    and the feeling comes across it is past tense
    which def conveys the feeling of loss…

    • THANKS! Yes, amazed you noticed that detail. Thought would have more effect as you said, the past.

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