Naughty Sunday Haiku

I was challenged to write a haiku about this image. I therefore challenge all readers to do the same for Naughty Sunday… put your link in the blue critter!


her sharpness
of tongue and taste
draws my blood


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Milkyway Haiku


milkyway you are vast
I am too snowed on to see
no haiku for you


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Haiku Light

a woman is a lantern
not broom to clean my mind
shine for me, I cannot see


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Haiku from the High Tatras

Haiku found at the bottom of my backpack; written ten years ago on a train ticket, during a trek through the Tatra mountains in Slovakia and Poland.


forest is old
house is new
same wood


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Haiku from the Wind

Lappland leaf carried by a breeze from Italy – (please click on Semprento’s name above to see poetry by my beautiful, graceful Italian poet who whispers words into the breeze)

the wind speaks
a leaf

by Semprento


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