Free & Pirate, circa 1980s

In Memory Of Free, From A Pirate

a young pirate took to the seas
With a compatriot
a guy whose name really was ‘Free’
except he didn’t make it…
captured, as he was, by the ocean
and the young Pirate was me…
that’s why the name stays
in honour of a friend, taken by a storm
a long
long time ago
in those darks days
of splintering, crashing wood
water gushing in
a friend stretching out a hand
then water sweeping him away
…water sweeping him away
and if you ask me if it feels like yesterday
‘yes,’ I’ll say
and I will smile wistfully
for the seas we shared
and the nautical miles
…and the nautical memories
they run deep

Free & Pirate, circa 1980s

Free & Pirate, cigar in mouth, circa 1980s

I miss ye, Free, ye bastard, even if you’d cuss me out for saying I do.