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Oh My Afghanistan

Oh what did you become
My beauty, Afghanistan
So many invasions
So many tortured
Under so many suns

Who has heard of Herat
Beautiful centre of literature
World capital of poetry
Attacked for its spirit by the British
Bombed by the Soviets
Assasssinated by the Taliban
Bombed by the Americans

And the Hindu Kush
Mountains of beauty
To which one went through
To see Kabul
Exotic Kabul that rivalled Katmandu
And Goa
For those who traveled to see Oriental beauty

What has become of you
My Afghanistan
Violence begets violence
Begets violence
Now terrified of the Taliban
Terrified of the Americans

Terrified of Bagram
Farmers tortured for 9/11
Which they’d never heard of

Terrified of everyone

Terrified under the sun

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