One Drop

How far we have come. How far we have gone. Yet our life force still lies within the simple rain drop and in the fall it makes from the nourishing sky. It is when walking in nature that one notices, feels and sees the colourful effects of the life force in droplets.

Yet there are many who won’t walk out of the front door without umbrella, and hide from the rain. What a pity. I have seen farmers look up and smile into the rain, and seen bedouins of the desert take deep breaths and enjoy the new, fresh scent of cooling raindrops.

one drop of rain
at the end of a pine needle
on the tall pine tree

Autumn Hues to Autumn Haiku


sun kisses forest
trees glow in wild abandon
autumn in splendour

                                                                     Celestine Nudanu

Celestine is a blogger in Ghana. Please click on her name to see more of her wonderful haiku and writings.