Friday Fictioneers – Wintertime


Mr Pipduttleding and Ms Cutieyana shared somewhat cordial relations for three season of the year. This year, however, M Cutieyana had had enough.

“WHAT are you doing NOW?” she shouted up to Pipduttleding.

“Vot you think I doing, I gleaning my yard, that’s vot!” said Pipduttleding, of Hungarian extraction-

“Gottverdamung!” shouted Ms Cutieyana, an Australian native, “if you cause one more avalanche on me you will pay!”

“Ha!” shouted Pipcuttleding, downwards.

Next morning the snowmachine that woke him hurtled snow against his door so efficiently he was unable to open it. Ms Cutieyana kept it on five days, as well she might, plugged in, as it was, to Pipduttleding’s kitchen plug


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields runs these FF 100 word challenges so well. Photo this week by my esteemed colleague from across the Archipelago sea,  Björn Rudberg

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Special, Alexey Andreyev’s 3rd

Today is the 3rd haiku of Carpe Diem Special featured haiku-poet Alexey Andreyev. The goal is to write a new haiku inspired by the one given, in the same tone, sense and spirit, also done here (

first snowflakes!
I love them too much to think
they’ll melt by noon

My haiku now, inspired by Andreyev’s above.

snowflakes freshen pagodas
they help me in my meditation
-then melt in my footsteps